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Postgame 7/28 – Giants 4 Phillies 1


As if it needed to be said, tonight felt like a big game for the Giants tonight’s. A statement game. The Giants, still the underdogs in this series even after ousting the Phillies last October, were looking for a road series win in Philidelphia as if to say: “Hey, see you guys in the championship series. Twice is indeed nice.” More on this being a statement game, the Giants had their flu-ridden ace on the mound tonight and their trade deadline gem to show off to the most electric crowd in all of baseball so it’s safe to say this game meant a little extra to the organization tonight, and they did indeed deliver

Tim Lincecum tonight sure did look like his body wore the benefit of those extra days of rest. Lincecum’s off speed stuff tonight was terrifying in the eyes of hitters. On 101 pitches tonight Lincecum struck out six batters, surrendering only three hits in six innings of work. Lincecum certainly wasn’t at 100% tonight but like an ace should, he used his stuff he brought to the mound tonight and effectively used it to minimize the damage and shutdown the opponent.

As Chronicle beat writer Hank Schulman has been tweeting, the “#beltraneffect” has already taken place within the team. Reportedly, today during BP he told Sandoval to go to left field more and wouldn’t you know it Sandoval went oppo-taco and tucked a ball just inside the left field foul pole. All six hits tonight by the offense were scattered throughout the line up with a notable ‘ofer’ by the newest Giant Carlos Beltran.

The Giant’s as we know don’t need 10 runs a game to win, usually 2-3 are sufficient enough to hold over the pitching staff and it has been this formula that has bright this team to where it is today, 61-44 leading the NL West by four games. Giants looking to rub salt in the wounds of the reeling Cincinnati Reds who might even try and show off catcher Ramon Hernandez who the Giants havebene linked to in a flurry of trade talks. 4 more against the Phillies in the coming week the Giants should roll out Bumgarner, Zito (?), Cain and Lincecum in the 4 game series while the Phillies most likely will showcase Lee, Worely, Kendrick and someone yet to be named. Bottom line is that they will yet again miss the start of Roy Halladay.

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  1. thehighhopes
    July 28, 2011 at 10:57 pm

    Keep in mind, you won’t be missing Roy Halladay in the playoffs, and you certainly won’t be facing Kyle Kendrick.

    • July 28, 2011 at 11:22 pm

      Very true. But Giants have to feel lucky because facing anyone not Roy Halladay already gives them a better chance to win and 1-2 wins might decide home field advantage in the NL playoffs.

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